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423 leaping clip art images for you to use...

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  1.   hurdles jump jumper jumpers  jump703.gif Clip Art Sports
  2.   high jump jumps olympics  olympics703.gif Clip Art Sports
  3.   high jump jumping jumpers  gymnastics723.gif Clip Art Sports Acrobatics
  4.   high jump jumping jumpers  horizontalbar.gif Clip Art Sports Acrobatics
  5.   high jumping jumpers jump  highjumper.gif Clip Art Sports Acrobatics
  6. basketball basketballs player players  BSS0125.gif Clip Art Sports Basketball jump shot black white
  7. ballet dancer dancing dance dancers ballerina ballerinas silhouette silhouettes  dancer4.gif Clip Art Sports Dancing split
  8.   volleyball volleyballs player players  volleyball307.gif Clip Art Sports VolleyBall jumping ball hitting diving kid
  9.   jump rope ropes jumping fitness exercise  BMY0116.gif Clip Art Toys-Games
  10.   toy toys jump rope ropes  toys18.gif Clip Art Toys-Games
  11.   hurdles jump jumper jumpers  jump701.gif Clip Art Sports
  12.   high jump jumper jumpers  jump500.gif Clip Art Sports
  13.   high jump jumper jumpers  jump700.gif Clip Art Sports
  14.   long jump jumper jumpers  jump702.gif Clip Art Sports
  15.   high jumper jumping jump olympics jumpers kid kids sports  pole500.gif Clip Art Sports
  16.   high jumper jumping jump olympics jumpers  polevaulter.gif Clip Art Sports
  17.   jump rope ropes ball balls sport sports equipment  sportset.gif Clip Art Sports
  18.   boxing boxer exercise exercising jump rope ropes jumping fitness  Sport020.gif Clip Art Sports Boxing
  19. girl girls teenager soccer player players ball balls kick sports sport  girlsoccer025.gif Clip Art diving female goalie jumping teen teens goalkeeper
  20. girl girls teenager soccer player players ball balls kick sports sport Clipart Sports Soccer jump jumping kicking kick kid
  21.   cat cats feline felines kitten kittens jump jumping  0_cat013.gif Animations 2D Animals Cats
  22.   credit refunds refund jump jumping hand hands  Business055.gif Animations 2D Business
  23.   Easter happy egg eggs chick chickens chicken  easter015.gif Animations 2D Holidays Easter
  24.   nest bird birds egg eggs easter  eggs_075.gif Animations Mini Animals
  25.   astranaut space jump astranauts  astraunt_1069.gif Animations Mini People
  26. halloween october cat cats black pumpkins pumpkin  Halloween_pumpkins_cat001.gif Animations 2D Holidays animated
  27.   jump jumping grandmother family granddaughter love families grandma  grandmother_and_granddaughter_jumping0001aa.gif Animations 2D People Families
  28.   jump ropes jumping rope  Sport020.gif Animations 2D Sports
  29.   easter eggs egg  easter_eggs-005.gif Animations Mini Holidays Easter
  30.   easter eggs egg  easter_eggs-019.gif Animations Mini Holidays Easter
  31.   Easter happy bunny basket egg eggs  easter003.gif Animations 2D Holidays Easter
  32. people shadow silhouette black animated animations person happy jumping excited  Animations 2D People Shadow kid ADHD hyper
  33.   easter bunny rabbits bouncing jumping rabbit  bunny002.gif Animations Mini Animals
  34.   smilies emoticons face faces smilie exercise jump rope fitness  006.gif Animations Mini Smilies
  35.  snowboard snow board goggles coat pants winter acrobatics sliding jumping snowboarding sport extreme youth   3G0040lowres Photos People
  36.  ski skiing winter sliding poles goggles coat pants jumping gliding sport youth   3G0041lowres Photos People
  37.  sport roller skates roller blades rollerskates jumping sliding acrobatic youth   3G0054lowres Photos People
  38.  sport game skateboard skate board fun stunts jump youth trick kick flip  3G0019lowres Photos People