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7007 love clip art images found...

  1. A Happy Couple Looking at each other Smiling
  2. A Bouquet of Flowers Chocolates and a Card Happy Valentines Day
  3. A Happy Couple Smiling
  4. A Happy Couple Leaning on Each other Smiling
  5. A Happy Little Boy in Blue with a Red Heart
  6. A Brown Bear Holding a Red Heart Dancing
  7. A Silhouette of a Man giving a Woman a Piggyback
  8. Couple Grieving
  9. boy shot by cupids arrows vector
  10. graffiti love tag
  11. Heart with a purple ribbon wrapped around it
  12. Bouquet of flowers.
  13. Two hearts in love
  14. Rose plant sitting on a heart.
  15. animated heart with a bow and arrow
  16. tree of life and love
  17. Animated broken heart
  18. Heart shaped birthday cake.
  19. Three Red Hearts Small Medium and Small
  20. Two hearts held together by a yellow ribbon.
  21. Red heart with gradient effect
  22. Animated heart spinning in circles.
  23. heart
  24. Lady smelling a rose.
  25. Baby cupid waiting to shoot
  26. heart 07-19-2006
  27. A Whimsical Heart with Stars Dots and Swirls
  28. A Black and White Heart with An Arrow Through it
  29. butterfly
  30. Little boy carrying huge bouquet of flowers
  31. 8 bit heart love black
  32. An Envelope with a Single Heart Wrapped with Ribbon
  33. Red whimsical heart.
  34. 8 bit heart love
  35. embroidery
  36. Heart shaped candy box.
  37. valentinsday131
  38. Lady waving hi while holding a heart.
  39. heart1
  40. a valentine 's heart bearing gifts
  41. youre_the_best-040
  42. One single Rose in a vase.
  43. hugs_kisses-049
  44. Red roses laying next to a mirror.
  45. Flowers in a vase with heart shaped candles.
  46. dizzy_love_you-043
  47. A Silhouette of Two People his arm around her
  48. teddy bear holding a heart balloon
  49. Wine glass and rose for Valentine's Days.
  50. A Layered Pink and Baby Blue Heart
  51. FHH0104
  52. infinity symbol vector hearts love is forever
  53. Heart doily with pink bow
  54. A Heart Giving Valentines Gift
  55. heart5