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1554 wedding clip art images found...

  1. Gold ring
  2. couple400
  3. couple423
  4. couple704
  5. people in a relationship
  6. couple426
  7. friends707
  8. people in love
  9. Ring box vector clip art images
  10. happy new year party invitation vector cartoon art
  11. new years eve party invitation vector cartoon art
  12. Couple's shadow
  13. sun shining over a couple palm trees
  14. A Happy Older Couple her Holding her Purse and He Waiving
  15. Animated little angel boy sitting on a cloud
  16. Happy Couple Now Proud Parents
  17. Black and white Happy Older Couple Her holding her Purse and He waiving
  18. A girl and a boy dancing
  19. two red dancing chile peppers
  20. Little girl in white party dress with pink trim
  21. A little blonde haired girl in a purple and white frilly party dress carrying a bouquet of lilies
  22. Little girl and boy dressed in Sunday best holding hands
  23. A Man and a Woman Holding Hands in Love
  24. A Happy Man and Woman in Love Holding a red Heat box of Chocolate and a Bouquet of Flowers
  25. A little girl in a bridal dress holding a bunch of tulips
  26. A little bride with pink flowers in her hair and her hands
  27. A Happy Man and Woman Hugging and Holding a Bouquet of Flowers
  28. Little girl dressed as a bride wearing a veil and holding a bouquet
  29. Elderly couple embracing
  30. A girl in a pink and white frilly dress wearing a veil holding a bouquet of tulips
  31. A Couple in Bed Him Sitting up and Reading and Her Sleeping
  32. boy and girl dating cartoon vector
  33. A Couple of Hearts Red and Pink Holding Hands and Smiling
  34. Couple driving in their red convertible
  35. A Happy Couple In Costumes with a Pink Heart in the Background
  36. Pair of gold dangle earrings
  37. Cupcake Boy and Girl cartoon character vector image
  38. A Silhouette of a Man Putting his arm around Her
  39. A father and his son pledging to the american flag
  40. 181 492007
  41. Cute little boy giving blue flowers to a little girl dressed in pink
  42. Little Boy and Girl in a Dress and a Suit Holding hands
  43. A Little Blue Eyed Blonde Hair Couple Holding Hands
  44. heart icon pack
  45. Stack of wrapped gifts
  46. A little boy in a birthday hat sitting with his birthday cake
  47. A little boy in a birthday hat blowing out candles on a birthday cake
  48. Happy Birthday
  49. Birthday party noise makers
  50. 5th anniversary
  51. birthday balloon bouquet
  52. birthday cake with blue frosting and a candle
  53. senior birthday party
  54. a little birthday cake with three candles on top
  55. Happy Anniversary banner with heart balloons