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8 wrapping clip art images for you to use...

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  1.   seeds seed plant plants garden gardening Clip Art Agriculture rope landscape landscaper
  2.   patterns pattern design designs textures texture Clip Art Decoration-Textures Geometric paper
  3.   christmas xmas holidays gift gifts present presents bell ribbon wrapping paper bowsClip Art Holidays Christmas wrap wrapping
  4.   christmas xmas elf elfs happy man woman gifts gift present presents santa clothes bag ribbon wrappingClip Art Holidays Christmas
  5.   christmas xmas holidays blue red ribbon gift package wrapping decoration decorations Clip Art Holidays Christmas
  6.   christmas xmas holidays blue red decoration decorations gift wrap Clip Art Holidays Christmas
  7.  christmas xmas holiday elf gift wand holidays gifts presents  Clip Art Holidays Christmas
  8.  christmas present gift decoration wrapping paper ribbon bow box package surprise celebration red gold  Photos Objects