Carpenter cutting a board on a table saw   Carpenter cutting a board on a table saw
 occupation018  occupation018
 occupation019  occupation019
 occupation020  occupation020
 occupation021  occupation021
 occupation022  occupation022
 occupation023  occupation023
 occupation024  occupation024
 occupation025  occupation025
 occupation026  occupation026
  Animated tire pump   Animated tire pump
 occupation028  occupation028
 occupation029  occupation029
 occupation030  occupation030
 occupation031  occupation031
 occupation032  occupation032
 occupation033  occupation033
 occupation034  occupation034
 occupation035  occupation035
 occupation036  occupation036
 occupation037  occupation037
 occupation038  occupation038
 occupation039  occupation039
 occupation040  occupation040
  animated  fishmonger   animated  fishmonger
 occupation042  occupation042
 occupation043  occupation043
 occupation044  occupation044
 occupation045  occupation045
 occupation046  occupation046
 occupation047  occupation047
 occupation048  occupation048
 occupation049  occupation049
 occupation050  occupation050
 occupation051  occupation051
  A child being looked at at the hospital by a nurse   A child being looked at at the hospital by a nurse
 occupation053  occupation053
 occupation054  occupation054
 occupation055  occupation055
  Office Assistant   Office Assistant
 occupation057  occupation057
 occupation058  occupation058
 occupation059  occupation059
 occupation060  occupation060
  Animated guy loading boxes into a truck   Animated guy loading boxes into a truck
 occupation062  occupation062
  woman waiting for printer   woman waiting for printer
 occupation064  occupation064
 occupation065  occupation065
 occupation066  occupation066

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