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3211 education clip art images found...

  1. a teacher is teaching a student math
  2. school children border
  3. a blue graduation cap with a gold tassel
  4. small red cartoon school house with a bell in front
  5. a teacher patting a sad little girl on the head
  6. two small children talking to their teacher while they sit
  7. teacher and students
  8. a teacher sitting talking to three little girls
  9. teacher in front of the class room pointing to the blackboard
  10. three children reading a book together on a bench
  11. school border
  12. a pre k teacher teaching a little girl
  13. a teacher leaning down to talk to the two small children
  14. animated teacher yelling at her class.
  15. old fashioned school house
  16. teacher teaching a classroom of computer students geography
  17. a preschool teacher talking with two small girls
  18. black and white stack of school books
  19. school border with books, glasses, computer, and test tubes
  20. little girl turning in her homework to her teacher
  21. a teacher with her students holding up a shape chart
  22. a teacher reading from a book
  23. a teacher playing with two small children
  24. stack of school text books
  25. cartoon student studying at his desk