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  1. child reading a book
  2. three children reading a book together on a bench
  3. school children border
  4. school border with books, glasses, computer, and test tubes
  5. hand writing in a book
  6. bookworm reading through a stack of books
  7. animated girl ready a red story book
  8. business law justice laws court system book books graduation
  9.   graduation school education diploma diplomas book books  0_graduation053.gif clip art education graduation
  10. black and white outline of a girl reading a book
  11. bookworm holding reading glasses and a book
  12. school border
  13. border with abc letters and schooll books
  14. border with abc letters and books
  15. book icon
  16. a teacher is teaching a student math
  17.   book books bookshelf bookshelves  bookshelf501.gif clip art education books
  18.   book books magazine magazines  magazine.gif clip art entertainment
  19. stack of books with a graduation cap sitting on them
  20. a little girl in a blue nightgown and slippers sitting in a chair reading a book
  21. two little blue eyed girls in pink and blue reading a book
  22. a little blonde girl sitting reading a book
  23. computer border
  24. book storefront
  25. black and white outline of a book