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1262 medical clip art images found...

  1. cartoon hospital
  2. a male doctor shows his hand on a board with first aid kit
  3. black and white hospital
  4. a military man driving a green camouflage medical truck
  5. a woman doctor cartoon style
  6. cartoon doctors doing surgery
  7. animated doctor giving a little girl a physical
  8.  medical doctor woman female hospital healthcare physician laboratory test tubes   3c3006lowres photos people
  9. teddy bear doctor reviewing some xrays
  10. cartoon doctor
  11.   surgery surgeon surgeons medical hospital hospitals  operation.gif clip art science
  12. animated doctor checking a patients lungs
  13. doctor listening to a child's heart
  14.   doctor doctors hospital hospitals medical health man guy people surgery surgeon surgeons  doctor.gif clip art people
  15. doctor icon
  16. a doctor wheeling a sick man in a wheelchair
  17. doctor checking a patients blood pressure
  18. a nurse feeding a little boy in the hospital
  19. doctor doing surgery
  20. doctor man carrying his first aid bag
  21. medical bag
  22.   doctors doctors medical hospital care health nurse baby  nurses006.gif animations 2d medical
  23. a nurse taking a sick boys temperature
  24. doctor holding a new born baby
  25. teddy bear nurse holding a big syringe