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  1.   man guy people manager suits boss business lawyer lawyers  manager.gif clip art people
  2. a big boss scolding an employee
  3. boss yelling at an employee that's late
  4.   auctioneer auctioneers auction auctions yell yelling congratulations real estate realtor realtors boss busineess salesman  call201.gif clip art people
  5.   computer computers monitor monitors pc business electronics digital boss office cigar cigars smoking  boss-computer.gif clip art business computers
  6.   boss office business corporations corporation emplyees employee team  boss_001.gif clip art business
  7. a woman dressed in a black suit and a purple shirt talking on a cell phone and working on a laptop
  8. cartoon dog smoking a cigar
  9.   boss signature sign paper papers sig desk chair promotion job check  boss.gif clip art people occupations
  10. angry boss business showed a declining index panel in red
  11. man talking on his cell phone
  12. cartoon-happy-businessman-boss
  13. royalty free smiling devil boss with a trident and hand pointing finger
  14.   boss office team teams business  boss_001.gif animations 2d business
  15. big brother 1984 clip art
  16. cartoon-happy-businessman-shows
  17.   man guy people manager suits boss business lawyer lawyers  manager5.gif clip art people
  18. old cowboy man
  19.  work working occupational occupations people boss meeting secretary   biznes-015-9-04 clip art people
  20. cartoon-happy-businessman-shows-with-speech-bubble
  21.   writing write signature document contract manager managers boss lawyer lawyers  manager.gif clip art people occupations
  22. clipart of angry african american business manager with pointer
  23.  occupation occupations people work working lawyer business boss   occu_c_022_ss clip art people occupations
  24. comical man writing on paper
  25. a woman having a discussion with a man in a black suit