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351 desk clip art images found...

  1. cartoon student studying at his desk
  2. black and white person sitting at a desk working on a computer
  3. cartoon desk and chair
  4. black and white outline of a chair and desk
  5. cartoon chair and desk
  6. small girl sitting at her school desk
  7.  background backgrounds tiled bg supply supplies desk office scissor scissors calculator   103005-office-supplies backgrounds tiled
  8. cartoon girl sitting at a desk
  9. animated girl writing at her school desk
  10. an old wooden school desk with a book on it
  11. cartoon student sitting at a desk reading a book
  12. black and white outline of a desk and chair
  13. cartoon man sitting at a desk thinking
  14. cartoon curly haired girl writing at her desk
  15. cartoon student typing at a computer
  16.   women lady girl girls desk desks secretary secretaries office business  secratary-desk.gif clip art people
  17. female computer programmer
  18. animated boy at his school desk answering a question
  19. student raising his hand in the classroom
  20. students in a classroom
  21. a black and white boy raising his hand while sitting at his school desk
  22.   furniture chair chairs desk desks office  desk-chair.gif clip art household furniture
  23. cartoon student sitting at a desk with books
  24. black and white woman secretary sitting at a desk
  25.  background backgrounds tiled bg office desk supplies supply calculator   103005-office-supplies-light backgrounds tiled