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1364 election clip art images found...

  1. lumberjack cutting down a tree with a chainsaw wearing overalls
  2. clipart clip art vector occupations work working job jobs eps jpg gif png politician politics politicians speaking public speech reporter reporters
  3. congress
  4. capital building
  5. black and white man explaining at a meeting
  6. politician wearing a mask
  7. sheriff badge
  8. politician speaking at the podium
  9. black and white outline of a man destroying a computer
  10.  president presidents american political cartoon funny people thomas jefferson 3rd   pres3_thomas_jefferson_bw clip art people government
  11.  president presidents american political cartoon funny people 6th john quincy adams   pres6_john_quincy_adams_bw clip art people government
  12. construction worker wearing a hard hat
  13.   election day politician politicians politics government man guy people microphone microphones mic mics speaking  conference.gif clip art people government
  14. astronaut in his suit
  15. cartoon soldier
  16. black and white outline of man and elevator
  17. black and white image of a tea cup
  18. black and white man painting
  19. republican women running to vote
  20. black and white podium
  21. political protest
  22. cartoon bellman
  23. a man in a suit holding his hands out
  24. richard nixon
  25. basketball player sitting on the bench