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  1.  hand sign number three finger   3i0004lowres photos people
  2.  electric drill tool power building construction industry carpentry bit steel   2i0031lowres photos objects
  3.  santa claus christmas giving offering gifts presents bag lantern festivity celebration   3f6025lowres photos people
  4.  pen stylograph black metal nib writing office   2c4057lowres photos objects
  5.  eagle bird of prey predatory birds animal imperialism   2a1021lowres photos animals
  6. teenage girl standing while working on a laptop computer
  7.  vegetable vegetables girl lady   3d2017lowres photos people
  8. shaking hand gesture
  9.  tourist travelling excursionist vacationist mountain outdoors binoculars walking rucksack backpack luggage knapsack camping camera shooting panorama   3h0012lowres photos people
  10. blue helium balloon
  11. strawberries
  12. lemon
  13.  basketball sports sport   3g0013lowres photos people
  14.  butterfly butterflies insect   2a8542lowres photos animals
  15. present
  16.  foulque duck ducks   2a1020lowres photos animals
  17.   dsc00047.gif photos food
  18.  hand sign number four finger   3i0005lowres photos people
  19. brown teddy bear with a brown plaid bow and ear
  20. a family standing mom holding the little girls hand and the father holding the baby
  21.  piggy bank money box finance coins savings   2c0500lowres photos objects
  22.  beverage coffe drink espresso arabica deep brown   2f4000lowres photos objects
  23.  business woman ambition career professional meeting meetings corporate female woman business person white board presenting conference business office   3b0043lowres photos people
  24. camera lens - aperture
  25.  artist female painter paint wooden easel canvas brush paintbrush sitting working work contemplating thinking looking artists painting creativity hobby hobbies   3a0019lowres photos people