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  1. a black and white image of a person standing over another pointing at a paper
  2. books and pencils
  3. book with school supplies
  4.   teach classroom class lesson lessons school student students homework education  schoolboy.gif clip art education students
  5. black and white man on his knees praying to god
  6. a man holding his ear and the phone away from someone yelling
  7. vector state flag of north carolina
  8. dog trainer
  9. vector state flag of missouri
  10.   information info tutorial help learn teach teacher tip tips question mark questions spin spinning  questionmark.gif animations mini business
  11.   african american girl boy teaching reading teach education school student students class homework teacher  education00005.gif clip art education students
  12. welcome back on a chalkboard
  13.   teach classroom class lesson lessons education school student students book books homework study  boybooks.gif clip art education students
  14. vector state flag of arkansas
  15. vector state flag of vermont
  16. vector state flag of minnesota
  17. 4303-owl-teacher-cartoon-character-with-graduate-cap-and-bell
  18. a mail man in blue riding a snail delivering boxes of express mail
  19. thought bubble 31
  20. teacher writing on a blackboard
  21.   school education class teacher teachers teach  education_0904_018.gif animations 2d education
  22.   teacher teachers school learning teach class math mathmatics  occupation003.gif animations 2d people
  23. thought bubble 33
  24. black and white outline of an hour glass
  25. two delivery men carrying a big package