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307 harvesting clip art images found...

  1. a brown and golden turkey
  2. mature wheat sprouts
  3. little indian girl holding in her head a bowl of food
  4. fall maple leaves
  5. a tied bunch of wheat sitting next to some pumpkins and a bunch of grapes
  6.   plant plants tree trees wind windy weather seasons fall autmn  autmn19.gif clip art nature seasons
  7. pumpkin
  8.  background backgrounds tiled bg thanksgiving leaf leafs fall seasons   102905-leaves-light backgrounds tiled
  9. thanksgiving flowers and pumpkins
  10. trees during the fall
  11. thanksgiving harvest pumpkin
  12. a golden cornucopia with pumpkin and a bunch of vegetables
  13. yield order sign
  14. autumn symbol 002
  15. yield sign
  16. a happy little girl in a purple coat playing in the autumn leaves
  17. cartoon pilgrim man holding a rifle
  18. thanksgiving cornucopia with a pumpkin and gourds
  19. thanksgiving cooked turkey with pumpkins
  20. thanksgiving cornucopia of fruit
  21. whimsical turkey
  22. trees turning during autumn
  23. indian girl in a silver blue surong carrying a jug on her shoulder
  24. autumn leafs
  25. a little girl in a white bonnet holding fall leaves